Thursday, October 31, 2013

business stuff!


popping up from a week of getting things sorted ~ thinking too hard and attending meetings related to business options and getting my tax done! interesting as well as uugghhh!

there has been a lot of advice and information and options to sift through {some of this was conflicting depending on who it came from}. but, overall it has given me an idea of the next steps and what i could be doing ~ once i follow the last piece of advice just issued by a lovely person at the local council economic development unit: 'you are over-thinking it, you should take back the control of your own processes and progress and enjoy the sunshine we are having today'! perfect!

so, i want to let you know in advance that i'll be adjusting my prices a little next mid next week ~ for the good of my bigger picture!

have a fun day :)

ps do you recommend any affordable, extremely easy to use book keeping systems?

1 comment:

  1. plain old excel is what i've been using. my husband is a whizz so he set up a speadsheet for me. i'm happy to share it with you if it's usefu.