Wednesday, June 26, 2013

inspiration ~ gothenburg gardens

have i mentioned how beautiful gothenburg is and how inspiring the gardens are? just so beautiful! it was a perfect time to visit season~wise. even the bus ride from the airport to the city was calm and beautiful. the landscape was instantly recognisable from camilla's paintings. rocky cliffs, rows of pale tree trunks, dark leaves, soft light . . . 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

the camilla engman ace camp trip

the ace camp was fantastic, as i imagined it would be! i posted a lot of photos to instagram and facebook as i went along but i think it's a great first post for the new blog!

i enjoyed every minute of the time in gothenburg. the group was small and we got to know each other a little and had an instant connection based on our love for art and camilla's work. it was fun to work in a group ~ something i never usually do.

camilla is a warm and generous teacher and host. i loved that the camp included visits to some of her favourite places as well as her studio. we had an excellent time checking out all the details of her space and her paintings ~ they are incredible! so much inspiration.

komstepidemin, the artist community where camilla has a studio is and where the workshop was held, is a place i wanting to return to one day! a very calm and beautiful place to work.

i learned a lot and am eager/excited/slightly intimidated {in a good way!}
about getting into some painting and getting started on the rewards for my lovely pozible supporters {thanks to all!}.



welcome to my new blogging space!
i'm making the change from my old last name/business name/blog name/shop name to the new!
thanks for visiting xx