Wednesday, June 26, 2013

inspiration ~ gothenburg gardens

have i mentioned how beautiful gothenburg is and how inspiring the gardens are? just so beautiful! it was a perfect time to visit season~wise. even the bus ride from the airport to the city was calm and beautiful. the landscape was instantly recognisable from camilla's paintings. rocky cliffs, rows of pale tree trunks, dark leaves, soft light . . . 


  1. lovely, the first photo is gorgeous

  2. Looks like a very beautiful, serene place. That last pic is interesting. Is that a piece of wood nailed onto a tree, or am I looking at it wrong? Intriguing.

  3. Now I understand where the pink explosion on your new paintings comes from and I love it!

  4. yah those pics are evening calming. hope you are doing well!

  5. hallo! i saw your work today in "the red thread" blog!
    i love your colors and all the feelings your paintings bring!
    so, nice to meet you!